Athos Faithseeker-Paladin of Torm

Courage, Honour, Good-heart, Mustache


Athos is a young paladin of Torm.He bears long dark hair and of course a thick long mustache.He is a man of a good heart, and has a strong sense of honour and courage.He can be fierce at battle and has a deep rooted instinct to confront evil and protect the weak.

Athos despite believing in the law and in upholding high ideals is sometimes critical to others of his order for their rigid ways of thinking and unbending minds.He believes that sometimes the heart is more important than written laws and stone morals.It’s true that he’s been called soft-hearted at times.

When not upholding the light or cutting open the gutters of evil, alongside good company Athos enjoys good humor and good ale and has a characteristic deep guttural laugh.On a dangerous adventure you will often hear him sing epic songs like “Singing Swords” and you wouldn’t complain, he has a deep masculine voice that rarely misses a note. He is also know for appreciating good art of any kind including the art of battle.Athos also enjoys attempting feats of strength and one time some folks at Waterdeep say he lifted a horse over his head.


Athos Faithseeker-Paladin of Torm

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