Sword Coast

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Baldur’s Gate





Friendly Arms Inn

The Sword Coast is the central part of the western shore of Faerun.It stretches from Waterdeep to the north to the lands of Amn to the south.Caravan drivers from distant lands describe the coast as “miles and miles of miles and miles”-windswept, grassy flats skirting impassable bogs, badlands, rolling hills, high moors, and lonely forests all of which are filled with dangers of all kinds.

The farmers, frontier folk, walled-city dwellers and other hardy folk live here in scattered settlements and tend to be strong, stubborn, independent and proud of their ability to thrive in a challenging environment.They usually greet strangers as potential friends rather than potential enemies and look upon adventurers favorably as potential customers, good allies in a fight and possibly even neighboors.

The Sword Coast is home to dozens of separate walled cities, farm towns, monasteries and fortified strongholds.Unlike the densely packed regions of the Heartlands and the North long stretches of overland travel are required between destinations-but at least no one freezes en route.The majority of the population is human but all races can be found.

The many important sites of the Sword Coast include of course Waterdeep the City of Splendors, the famous and powerful Baldur’s Gate, the elven city of Evereska, Elturel, Berdusk and other smaller cities and settlements.Intimidating forests and ruins of old kingdoms, such as Illefarn, are scattered in the region as well as fields of great battles of old.Some of the old civilizations left just fallen ruins, other treasure troves and high and perilous magic.

History of the Coast

The ancient history of the Coast reveals itself in the scattered tombs, broken statues, and shattered ruins of dozens of mighty kingdoms.As testified to by sites such as the Fields of the Dead and the Battle of Bones, few of those kingdoms dissolved peacefully.

Major wars in the region were rare in recent centuries unless one counts the battle fought between Bhaal and Cyric at Boareskyr Bridge during the Time of Troubles.Cyric slew Bhaal and stole his powers, the portfolio of murder.

In the centuries before the rise of Waterdeep, the greatest kingdom in the region was Illefarn, a kingdom of elves that rivaled Myth Drannor. Phalorm(the Realm of Three Crown, or the Fallen Kingdom) and the Kingdom of Man ruled for a time in Illefarn’s wake, but since then no single power has controled the entire area.The trading culture of Waterdeep, Amn, and the scattered members of the Lords’ Alliance comprise the longest-lived civilization to rise in the Coast since Illefarn’s fall.


Sword Coast

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