A Pair of Black Antlers

A Pair of Black Antlers is the best known Elturel’s taverns because it’s the gathering place for those who seek adventure.Old retired warriors, young and bright-eyed would-bes and weary adventurers alike all come here.

The walls of A Pair of Black Antlers are decoreted over the bar with a truly gigantic rack of antlers.Many have climbed up on the bar to measure them and say they are a fully 20 feet across! The walls are also dotted with the relics and trophies of many adventurers: old, notched and scarred weapons; split shields; the heads, tails and claws of sundry shocked-looking, dusty, long-dead monsters; and fading maps, bloodstained and covered with angry error-correcting scribbles, of old castle dungeons, dwarven holds, tombs, that presumably once held rich treasures.

Below the tavern are the headquarters of the Order of the Gauntlet.

The Place

Wood-paneled, dimly lit and apt to be smoky(the fireplace doesn’t draw properly), this cozy place is a maze of stone support pillars, low, massive overhead beams and dark massive furniture salvaged from old villas and castles.If things are too dark to see an interesting-looking map or missive, one of the three blue-hued driftglobes can be called for-but this will draw the attentive eyes of many patrons in the labyinthine, many-leveled taproom.

The Prospect

No adventurer’s visit to Elturel is complete without a stop at the Antlers.Many adventures have begun in its taproom-and many more likely will.The Antlers is the place to hear gossip about adventuring, join a band, hire swordswingers for a plan of your own, or get hired to carry out another dreamer’s plan.Need a curse lifted or a spell cast? The patrons here know who to call on and where they can be found, for the price of a tankard.

The provender

The heartily cheerful staff of the Antlers are all ex-adventurers of a great variety of ages, races, and appearances.They pour out drinks with generous hands-no one need feel slighted here.One can also purchase salted biscuits, slabs of sharp-tasting onion cheese, river clams. and gurdats (pan-fried, pepper-spiced mushrooms in a melted cheese batter).

The Prices

Ale is 3 cp per tankard(large, battered pewter reservoirs) or 7cp per hand keg, stout is 5 cp per tankard and wine starts at 6 cp per tallglass and rises to 9 cp a glass for the best vintages. Sherries, zzar, and brandies are all 1sp per tallglass.Elverquisst the most expensive drink in the house is 4gp per tallglass.All servings of provender are 6 cp a plate, which provides a light meal. Two plates would serve as a nice repast

Traveler’s Lore

The Antlers has about as many hidden treasure legends as any drinking house associated with adventurers.Some of them may even be true.The staff would like to point that the one about the sacks of gold being hidden under the boards of the taproom is false.They’re tired of patrons trying to pry up the boards when they think no one is looking, and every single board’s been up several times by now.

The patrons have adopted one bardic ballad as their favorite drinking song.The song is a nightly favorite at the Antlers .Woe befall any minstrell who shows up to play without a sensitive mastery of it-the ability to sing and play it with mournful, macabre skill.It’s a bardic standard, but here it has the revered status of an anthem to fallen comrades , proud adventurers still living-and the dark humors of gods who must be appraised.

The Knights of Dragon Dawn

A Pair of Black Antlers

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